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>Like a Rolling Stone

>When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose..

I think I loved this movie so much because I imagine jumping in my car and leaving everything behind terribly enticing. Mark Twain says its “lights out for the territory.” Steinbeck calls it the “itch” we all feel or should feel to escape the monotony and cruelty of our complicatedly simple lives. Dylan a rolling stone. I’ve already been tempted before by both Steinbeck and Dylan to travel North America with my RV, my camera and my guitar.

This movie identifies both the urge we all have and the problem we all share, even if its only occasionally, in our culture and the urge to step out of it to a different reality. It’s not jumping in a van and living like a hippy but identifying your significance or lack of in nature. On his journey he shares his friendship and philosophy with several on the road, learns about their lives and helps with their problems.

Into the Wild: A couple of life lessons:
We must all set out on our journey to discover our small place in the big world
We need the help and friendship of those around us and vise versa

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