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>Just a Fat Kid at Heart…

I think I’m the fat kid at work. Anything the Chef throws in front of me I consume. I leave work with an armful of food. Pretty positive I disgust and shock my employees with the plates of truffle cake and the platters of treats I devour. Today I walked out of the freezer with a 3 gallon carton of Dreyers chocolate ice cream that they said I could take home. After everyone was done laughing and pointing at the fat kid, they asked if I really was going to eat the whole thing. I said I could. So a couple of guys at work said they’d pool their money if I ate the whole thing by Friday before work. Two days. Three gallons. Can I do it?!

Closing Thoughts: I feel like my young body is keeping from being all things I truly want to be… just a fat old man.

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