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>Halloween 2007!!

>What a little night we had. Question: What is it about dressing up ridiculous that makes us act ridiculous? Well whatever the cause, I’m grateful for it. Oh boy did I look ridiculous.

Chelsea and I had to make a frantic last minute dash for our costumes. I was thinking I was going to have to sell my body and soul to find Chelsea a cane. Thank goodness for Earl at Savers, who stashed one away for me in the back. He said I could have it for a six-pack of beer. Very kind gentleman with an unforgettable cackle. Thanks Earl.

Suspenders, check. Mouth-guard, check. Dress gloves, check. Old school Air Nikes, check. After a long day of searching Utah Valley for miscellaneous items, our costumes started to come together in a harmonious concoction of thrift store excellence.

I pulled my socks up high, laced up my new kicks, pulled my protective eye wear over my eyes and looked up into the mirror. Perfection.

And so the night began with a little dancing at Nat’s fiesta. (I dance much better when I look as good as I did last night). Then off to the Hollywood House to watch Devin play. All the scantily clad girls were pretty jealous, and can you blame them? We made friends with a locksmith in a Pink Floyd shirt who assisted Lori in re-entering her Subi (Suburu). We were grateful to him, especially myself because jersey material is not very insulating.

And back to my place for a bit more silliness. I’m grateful for friends who don’t take themselves too seriously, who like to look silly and live silly. Halloween 2007 was the greatest.

Silly Pictures

More pictures will be posted shortly.

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