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>Hot or Not??

>I bought these bad-A Yaht shoes this weekend.

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We live in an era where pretty much anything goes. The skill no longer is in knowing what’s “in style” but knowing “your style.” You can get away with murder. But today the verdict is: Yaht shoes…In!! (Says me and these guys)
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>Lip Gloss..Keeping Hip Hop Alive

>I’m mostly speechless. All I can say is this song is poppin.

They say hip hop is dead, “not so long as it keeps our lips moist and glistening. May hip hop live forever with strawberry sparkles”- Matt Pettit

>The Great Adventure


I’ve been strange-feeling since I saw “Into the Wild.” Have to fight the constant urge to be someplace else. So I finally decided to be someplace else. I grabbed my friend Matt, who is a fan of unplanned and spontaneous adventures, and we headed South, the direction of warmth.

Steinbeck has said that maps can be tyrants. We can be so immersed in road maps that we never actually see the country in which we travel. Matt and I became anarchists, for the most part, against maps and itineraries, however being lost became the side effect of abandoning road map tyranny.

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Our journey began in Price, Utah at the Cowboy Kitchen, which translates to “a smoky chamber with no windows.” We were greeted by an enthusiastic waitress who suffered through her early morning shift with our requests for ridiculous pictures and our obnoxious comedy. She laughed at our silliness which made it easy to forgive her for the dirty glasses, the fermented Orange Juice and the curious smell that lingered in the dining chamber with no windows.

Our trip was filled with many adventures that my memory will now exaggerate. Along the path to Devils Garden we lost our way. We created our own path through a steep canyon that dropped down into the layer of some large desert creature, my imagination will now call Mountain Lion, whose footprints were left fresh in the sand for our discovery. This quickened our pace, and heightened our sense of hearing. It sharpened our eye sight to which every rock became a growling predator.
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Once we found the trail again, we almost stepped on a rattle snake if it weren’t for my paranoid sense of hearing. Lisa and Elmer, a strange couple we met on the trail, found our rattlesnake discovery very interesting and we found their fake English accents interesting as well.

I almost fell off a cliff on multiple occasions. Sister Sanchez, a friendly Filipino lady, comforted me atop the cliff edge of Delicate Arch, which was neither delicate in appearance, in reaching nor on my nerves, (and its much more incredible in person than our Utah license plates portray). Sister Sanchez comforted and distracted me while Matt danced around the slippery sandstone cliffs. I was left frozen between two rocks unable to move, convinced the rock I was wedged against was shifting and moving, and my feet could not find themselves secured to the Earth.

I was almost run off the road by a semi truck and then we were almost flooded out of the enclosed hot tub chamber by the Archway Inn staff.

It was decided that Arches National Park and all its attractions should be renamed, and Matt and myself were nominated to inherit this responsibility. We already have begun. Such names were conceived “Dark Angel and her Eternal watching Fan/ Priest” “Franky Four Fingers” “The All-Seeing Eye” “Melting Woman” “Black Eagle” “The Cobra” “the Adoring Monk” “Vomit Stripes Arch” “Skin Flesh Arch” “Dancing Fire Toes Arch” We thought our names were much more interesting than “balanced rock” or “Panorama Point.”

We also created a silly game/ competition in which we set the camera on a ledge and set the timer. Before the picture snapped we had to race to and pose ourselves at our impossible destination. Our pictures proved just how ridiculous this game was.

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Our trip turned out to be exactly what I needed, and before we even got back to Provo I found myself planning the next great adventure.

Pictures from our Great Adventure

>Halloween 2007!!

>What a little night we had. Question: What is it about dressing up ridiculous that makes us act ridiculous? Well whatever the cause, I’m grateful for it. Oh boy did I look ridiculous.

Chelsea and I had to make a frantic last minute dash for our costumes. I was thinking I was going to have to sell my body and soul to find Chelsea a cane. Thank goodness for Earl at Savers, who stashed one away for me in the back. He said I could have it for a six-pack of beer. Very kind gentleman with an unforgettable cackle. Thanks Earl.

Suspenders, check. Mouth-guard, check. Dress gloves, check. Old school Air Nikes, check. After a long day of searching Utah Valley for miscellaneous items, our costumes started to come together in a harmonious concoction of thrift store excellence.

I pulled my socks up high, laced up my new kicks, pulled my protective eye wear over my eyes and looked up into the mirror. Perfection.

And so the night began with a little dancing at Nat’s fiesta. (I dance much better when I look as good as I did last night). Then off to the Hollywood House to watch Devin play. All the scantily clad girls were pretty jealous, and can you blame them? We made friends with a locksmith in a Pink Floyd shirt who assisted Lori in re-entering her Subi (Suburu). We were grateful to him, especially myself because jersey material is not very insulating.

And back to my place for a bit more silliness. I’m grateful for friends who don’t take themselves too seriously, who like to look silly and live silly. Halloween 2007 was the greatest.

Silly Pictures

More pictures will be posted shortly.

>Candidate Confusion

Whether we are into politics or not, we have all heard the endless banter about elections. Maybe we already have in our minds exactly who we are going to vote for. But here is a really helpful website to find out which candidate best supports the issues you support. It’s a great way to learn the issues and to learn the candidates better. Scouts honor, it’s totally unbiased. Make sure you’re voting for the right person! We’re all intelligent people so promote smart voting.

(Sorry if that sounded like a sales pitch) But honestly the website is really cool. You answer how you feel on a list of issues and how strongly you feel on that issue. If you don’t know the issue you can click on a link that gives you a brief synopsis. It will total a percentage of which candidates best match your survey and who is at the bottom. Really cool. Maybe? Just a little??

Candidate Calculator

>Like a Rolling Stone

>When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose..

I think I loved this movie so much because I imagine jumping in my car and leaving everything behind terribly enticing. Mark Twain says its “lights out for the territory.” Steinbeck calls it the “itch” we all feel or should feel to escape the monotony and cruelty of our complicatedly simple lives. Dylan a rolling stone. I’ve already been tempted before by both Steinbeck and Dylan to travel North America with my RV, my camera and my guitar.

This movie identifies both the urge we all have and the problem we all share, even if its only occasionally, in our culture and the urge to step out of it to a different reality. It’s not jumping in a van and living like a hippy but identifying your significance or lack of in nature. On his journey he shares his friendship and philosophy with several on the road, learns about their lives and helps with their problems.

Into the Wild: A couple of life lessons:
We must all set out on our journey to discover our small place in the big world
We need the help and friendship of those around us and vise versa

>Just a Fat Kid at Heart…

I think I’m the fat kid at work. Anything the Chef throws in front of me I consume. I leave work with an armful of food. Pretty positive I disgust and shock my employees with the plates of truffle cake and the platters of treats I devour. Today I walked out of the freezer with a 3 gallon carton of Dreyers chocolate ice cream that they said I could take home. After everyone was done laughing and pointing at the fat kid, they asked if I really was going to eat the whole thing. I said I could. So a couple of guys at work said they’d pool their money if I ate the whole thing by Friday before work. Two days. Three gallons. Can I do it?!

Closing Thoughts: I feel like my young body is keeping from being all things I truly want to be… just a fat old man.

>Across the Universe

>Its hard to find great movies, most movies I’ve seen lately are forgettable. However, there is one coming out next week that I have been looking forward to for a while. I think I watched the trailer a hundred times. It’s a movie musical that tells the story all through Beatles songs. Can’t wait!