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Uh Huh Her

I’ve been in love with this band.  This song rearranges me.


Check Uh Huh Her out HERE

Elise’s Bridals

Beautiful bride and a new video


Test. Test. 1. 2. 3

Trial run of my new camera and some new photographs.  I am a sucker for industrial places.  I really think the texture is beautiful.  Here are a few shots I liked.

Red, Blue, Green..

This ones for the good old days.  These are my memories in red, blue, green.

..and my cover of one of my favorite songs by Radiohead.

“I Need A Camera To My Eye”

Cliff jumping…  And our trip to California.

126 Seconds of Seattle

GoPro camera’s aren’t just for jumping out of airplanes.  This was filmed in Seattle.  As you can see I’m a fan of time lapses.

These Days

I’ve been loving this old song for some reason this week.  It seriously makes me feel 100 years old, coupled with my old man knees.  I go back and forth on what version is my favorite (this or Nico’s) but today its this one.

The Cruise

This still is my favorite documentary.

Shades of Grey


I love the way this story unfolds.  It makes me wonder what, at the end of my life, will be my legacy?  What will I leave and how exactly will it matter?  At the end of our lives we have these wrinkles that tell our individual story.  Now those wrinkles tell the story of their city.

Look What I Just Stumbled Upon

Was just driving up to the film festival when I stumbled upon my future place of residence… It’s a sign and who am I to argue with fate.


The Festival 2012

Conquered the snow storm of the year to get to the Sundance Film Festival last week.  I barely arrived in one piece but once I did filmed a couple events for On The Green Carpet.  Here is the first segment filmed at the Bing Lounge on Main Street.

Wax Tailor

This song is so cool. Then I found this video (not the official) synced with the clips Wax Tailor sampled in this song.

Here are all the clips that were sampled:
“The Man Who Knew Too Much” (A. Hitchcock, 1956)
“Ben Hur” (W. Wyler, 1959)
“To Be or Not to Be” (E. Lubitsch, 1942)
“Close Encounters of a Third Kind” (S. Spielberg, 1977)
“Shadow of a Doubt” (A. Hitchcock, 1943)

Moonrise Kingdom

YES. Wes Anderson’s films don’t happen nearly enough. This one looks especially quirky, especially awesome, especially Wes Anderson. Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, hues of yellow, understated dialogue and toy box backdrops. I’m excited to see Frances McDormand, Bruce Willis and Ed Norton in this film as well. Not only am I looking forward to another Wes Anderson film but I’m looking forward to another Wes Anderson soundtrack.

May 25th.

“Ill be out back…. I’m going to find a tree to chop down.”

Save The Date Wedding Ideas

Forget paper announcements, or if you’re a traditionalist this totally enhances your announcements. For years I personally always wanted to do video announcements but never had thought of stop animation. I’ve seen lots of “Save the Date” video announcements but I like how simple and understated these are. Here are some cool ideas (that I didn’t do) for “Save the Date” announcement videos.

My New Life

As soon as I found out about HGTV’s new dream home giveaway located in Midway I’ve been packing my bags and planning out my new life.  Since this discovering I pretty much get up in the morning go straight to my computer and enter twice.  Just investing in my future is all.

In my very reasonable and practical head I have convinced myself it’s signed-sealed-and-delivered my new home.  I’ve already considered who will live with me, what room will be the computer room, etc.  I’ve considered stopping by and bringing the neighbors cookies.  I’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s.  Yes con’s.  For instance what a bummer it would be having to ALWAYS entertain all the people that would want to sit in my 8 person hot top.  “Sorry! Hot tubs full.  I wish I only had seven friends.”  I have already considered what grocery stores I’d have to shop at and been seriously stressed over who will take me to the airport.  It’s pretty tough when you’re planning out your new life in your new dream home.

I’ve been working on my surprised face when they knock on the door.

“M-m-m-me?!!” *with eye brows raised*

“I can’t believe it!  Let me grab my suitcases that are just right here by the door.”

If you’re wondering where to find me in February I’ll be here.

Sundance Films I’m Looking Forward to: Celeste And Jesse Forever

Only 9 days till the festival starts.  Here’s one film I’d like to see with Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, and Elijah Wood.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Self Portraits

I just came across this.   I love it.  I love the idea of exploring our personal visual sense.  I love the idea that we always have five minutes in every day to do something.  I love the idea of breaking up the ordinary to capture something extraordinary.  I love the image of him and his friend in the car with pilot head sets on.  I love this story.

World’s Greatest

I may or may not be a closet R. Kelly fan.  Maybe some of you remember some of the ridiculous songs he came out with in the 90′s.  Well if you do, and even if you don’t, you should check this out because it’s so cool.

My Year in Pictures

A picture a day.  That’s one of my resolutions.  With the abundance of cameras and devices I have at an arms reach from me at all times I’m surprised at how many undocumented gaps there are in my life.  But hopefully at the end of 2012 I will have 365 photos.  One for everyday.  I won’t post every picture.  But here is one for January 5th.

My Etsy



A Late Christmas Post

This year was the first Christmas I got to enjoy with my whole family in a while. Here’s the minute long summary.

Go Pro Camera Time Lapse

I’ve been playing around with the new gopro Hero 2 Cam.  I’ve loved the time lapse feature.  It’s got me constantly thinking “That could be a cool timelapse.”  Here’s the most recent…

I probably haven’t put a puzzle together in 20 years.  I can’t imagine how my 8 yr old self could have put that together.

The First.

Some of you may be familiar with my first blog “Postcard from Mars,” now deceased.  Rest In Peace.  But for those of you courageous and ready for change this is my new, grown up blog, now associated with my website ashleycabulagan.com which my Mother snidely remarked “Is so original.”  But, Mother, it is.  With the help of google search I’ve pretty much confirmed I’m the only one.  Ashley Cabulagan, that is.  So while kicking off the New Year I thought I’d kick off the new blog, new site.. New life?

Here’s to new beginnings… and a song I’ve been loving  today that suits 2012′s fresh new start.


"Anna Lee" Pablo Blaqk

Here’s some new stuff from my very talented and very funny friend Pablo, who currently resembles another friend of mine, Che Guevara. You should check out his stuff, if you want to.

This is his latest. You might recognize the awkward figure in the background attempting to throw in some harmonies. Cheers.

"Damn Everything But the Circus!"

Here you go Mom. This is my new favorite thing, walking on an inch wide line. It’s really more fun than it sounds. I need a lot of practice but the goal is to someday do this a lot higher off the ground. I feel like maybe I missed my calling in life, the circus. I also feel like now that I’m practicing being a tight rope walker, if I were to trip walking down the sidewalk, it would be unacceptable.