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>Candidate Confusion

Whether we are into politics or not, we have all heard the endless banter about elections. Maybe we already have in our minds exactly who we are going to vote for. But here is a really helpful website to find out which candidate best supports the issues you support. It’s a great way to learn the issues and to learn the candidates better. Scouts honor, it’s totally unbiased. Make sure you’re voting for the right person! We’re all intelligent people so promote smart voting.

(Sorry if that sounded like a sales pitch) But honestly the website is really cool. You answer how you feel on a list of issues and how strongly you feel on that issue. If you don’t know the issue you can click on a link that gives you a brief synopsis. It will total a percentage of which candidates best match your survey and who is at the bottom. Really cool. Maybe? Just a little??

Candidate Calculator

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