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My New Life

As soon as I found out about HGTV’s new dream home giveaway located in Midway I’ve been packing my bags and planning out my new life.  Since this discovering I pretty much get up in the morning go straight to my computer and enter twice.  Just investing in my future is all.

In my very reasonable and practical head I have convinced myself it’s signed-sealed-and-delivered my new home.  I’ve already considered who will live with me, what room will be the computer room, etc.  I’ve considered stopping by and bringing the neighbors cookies.  I’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s.  Yes con’s.  For instance what a bummer it would be having to ALWAYS entertain all the people that would want to sit in my 8 person hot top.  “Sorry! Hot tubs full.  I wish I only had seven friends.”  I have already considered what grocery stores I’d have to shop at and been seriously stressed over who will take me to the airport.  It’s pretty tough when you’re planning out your new life in your new dream home.

I’ve been working on my surprised face when they knock on the door.

“M-m-m-me?!!” *with eye brows raised*

“I can’t believe it!  Let me grab my suitcases that are just right here by the door.”

If you’re wondering where to find me in February I’ll be here.

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